Launch of Financiación Diversa in Partnership with FME LGBT+ and Viwala

Access to mainstream financial systems remains non-existent for many members of the LGBTQIA*
communities. The resulting economic loss has been well documented with estimates of one percent
of GDP or more, not to mention the impact on the well-being of LGBTQIA* communities and their

A consortium of Dreilinden, FME LGBT and Viwala are launching the pilot programme
“Financiación Diversa” in Mexico. The programme sets out to increase financial inclusion for
LGBTQIA* entrepreneurs and companies that cater to the communities.

All old and new members (the membership is free) of FME LGBT are invited to apply for the
programme. To qualify, companies go through a detailed credit and business model analysis
conducted by Viwala. In addition, each applicant will need to demonstrate a positive impact on the
LGBTQIA* communities which will be reviewed by a panel of experts from the LGBTQIA*

Financiación Diversa is supporting LGBTQIA* entrepreneurs with an innovative revenue-based
lending product. Principal and interest payments are directly linked to the actual financial
performance of the company giving entrepreneurs flexibility without any equity dilution.
Financiación Diversa is the second pilot project of Dreilinden following a similar initiative in South Africa. The pilot programmes are part of Dreilinden’s ambition to demonstrate the need for impact
investing with an LGBTQIA* lens in emerging and frontier markets.

Dreilinden gGmbh is a German-based non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing societal
acceptance of gender and sexual diversity.

FME LGBT+ works to create a Mexico with equal opportunities for all people. In cooperation with all stakeholders, FME LGBT+ seeks to facilitate the economic empowerment of LGBTQIA* communities.

VIWALA provides momentum capital to Mexican entrepreneurs with a focus on empowering
disenfranchised groups. VIWALA is part of the group New Ventures.