What Dreilinden does

What Dreilinden does

Dreilinden supports social acceptance of gender and sexual diversity by means of grants to existing organizations and project grants, as well as by social investments, and networking.
Dreilinden approaches possible partners for their support schemes of her own accord; unsolicited applications are not processed.

The world over, people whose sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC for short) do not conform with social norms experience severe discrimination and violence. Their human rights are not effectively protected. All too often, they are threatened in their physical and psychological integrity. Women and girls are subject to multiple forms of discrimination.

Human societies are more liveable and stronger if binary gender roles are less fixed, and less hierarchically orderd. A funding approach that puts power in the hands of people with lived experience will yield good results in the long term.

Women, girls, and LSBTI (lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans* and inter*) people have the same human rights as everyone else! All human beings have much to gain if their personal development can include their sexuality, their sex characteristics, and their gender preference. Thus, our treatment of gender and gender variance is a mirror of our society’s humanity.

We focus on the gender aspect of systems of power, knowing how few funders are active here. We fully recognize that other urgent issues of inequality and discrimination exist and influence our field. To best employ our limited capacities, we seek intersections especially between gender diversity and work against racist and classist discrimination and inequality.