The investment of the Dreilinden capital aims to produce consistent returns in order to meet all grant commitments and to guarantee operations. Beyond that, the investments themselves serve to support Dreilinden’s social mission. Depending on the investment categories this is realized in different ways. Targeted investments include:

  • Impact investments (direct and indirect)
  • Shares and bonds

Impact Investments

  • Queer Lens Investments: Loans and equity for enterprises of LGBTQI community members as well as DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) loans to enterprises to develop LGBTQI diversity. More information here.
  • Socially oriented investment funds with focus on the Global South and East as well as select investments in the West
  • Micro Finance funds, investing in Micro Finance Institutions in the Global South and East
  • Sustainable real estate funds

The impact investment portfolio consists of the following direct and fund investments: